Painting, Collage and Printmaking - Daily Life

In this lesson learn about how British painter L.S Lowry used daily life in Salford and Manchester to inspire his paintings, learn some basic artistic techniques and create your own artwork.

This Lesson includes:

  • one inspirational video about how artworks can show us daily life
  • three practical videos about painting, collage, and printmaking
  • one activity to create your own artwork


Watch this video in which a statue comes to life in a magical gallery and falls into the painting 'Britain at Play' by L.S. Lowry.

She explores the way that Lowry was inspired by his local community and daily life in Manchester to create artworks.

Now watch these videos in which artist Emma Majury shows how to create artworks using three different techniques: collage, painting and printmaking.





Using either painting, collage, or printmaking create a work of art about where you live.

You can create an artwork about your house and family, the people in your neighbourhood or an area or place in the city or town where you live. Let your imagination run wild!

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