Coping with classwork

This film was recorded before the Covid-19 pandemic.

When you start secondary school everything will be new - new subjects, new teachers (lots of them) and new classmates. Students from CBBC’s Our School talk about the exciting new lessons they experienced in their first year and offer advice on how to avoid detention!


  • Always listen to your teacher at the start of the lesson, if you're unsure about anything just ask

  • Don’t interrupt when the teacher is talking

  • Don’t expect to know everything when you first start, it will take time to settle in

  • If you lose your timetable, ask your form tutor for another copy or ask your friends what lesson you have next

  • Always check you have enough detail about your homework so that you remember what to do when you read it at home

  • Swap phone numbers with some classmates so you can call them if you’re not sure about something – they’ll want to do the same with you!

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