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BBC Bitesize is here to help you deliver the very best education to your children while they’re out of school.

All the resources have been created by teachers and experts in their fields, with the aim of educating and inspiring students working at home.

Year 7 to 9: age 11-14 (Key Stage 3)


A collection of engaging resources to help KS3 students with Maths. The featured topics are: Algebra; Shape, space and measures; Numbers; Handling data; Think like a mathematician.

Year 10 to 11: age 14-16 (Key Stage 4 - GCSE)


GCSE Biology is based on the WJEC's latest specification which will be taught from September 2016 onwards. This resource features study guides, quizzes and videos on the following topics: Cells and movement across membranes; The respiratory system in humans; The digestive system in humans; The circulatory system in humans; Structure of plants; Photosynthesis; Ecosystems – transferring energy; Ecosystems – pollution and nutrient cycles.


Resources for GCSE Chemistry featuring study guides, quizzes and videos. The animations featuring the characters Mags and Cal add a fun element to the learning. Topics covered include: The nature of substances and chemical reactions; Atomic structure and the periodic table; Water; The ever changing world; Rate of chemical change; Limestone; Bonding, structure and properties; Acids, bases and salts; Metals and their extraction; Chemical reactions and energy; Crude oil, fuels and organic chemistry; Reversible reactions, industrial processes and important chemicals.


Here is a range of resources for GCSE Drama, featuring study guides, quizzes and videos on the following topics: Performance skills; Scripts as a stimulus; Styles, genres and practitioners; Theatre design; Writing about drama and theatre.

English Language

Dip into the array of resources for GCSE English Language, featuring study guides and quizzes on Analysing fiction; Analysing non-fiction; Comparing notes; Writing; Spelling, punctuation and grammar; Spoken language

English Literature

A go-to resource for students of GCSE English Literature, featuring study guides, quizzes, infographics and informative videos on the following topics: Shakespeare; Post 1914 Prose/Drama; Poetry.


An essential series of resources for students of GCSE Geography, featuring study guides, quizzes and engaging animations starring the character Roving Rhona as she travels the length and breadth of the UK to learn about a host of geographical features. The topics featured in this resource are: Changing physical and human landscapes; Environmental and development issues; Fieldwork enquiry; Geographical skills.


This comprehensive resource for those studying GCSE German will help students with the four main language skills of speaking, reading, listening and writing. Also featuring sections on culture and grammar, the study guides, quizzes and videos, which are based around the concept of spoof film trailers, will benefit pupils wishing to concentrate on following topics: Me; Travel; Work; Home; Environment; Free time; School.


For those studying GCSE History, here’s a comprehensive collection of resources, featuring study guides, quizzes and informative animations on the following topics: The Elizabethan age (1558-1603); Depression, war and recovery (1930-1951); The USA: A nation of contrasts (1910-1929); The USA: A nation of contrasts (1910-1929); Germany in transition (1919-1939); Changes in crime and punishment (c.1500 to the present day); Changes in health and medicine (c.1340 to the present day); The development of warfare (c.1250 to the present day).


A collection of resources for GCSE students studying ICT featuring the following topics: Understanding ICT; ICT in organisiations.


This resource for the latest GCSE Maths specification includes study guides, quizzes and videos featuring Gareth the journalist. The materials include a variety of methods, techniques and mathematical concepts on the following topics: Number; Algebra; Geometry and Measure; Statistics.

Maths Numeracy

The maths detective, Al Gebra, is at hand to help in a series of amusing animations created for GCSE Maths Numeracy. Also featuring learner guides and quizzes, students can learn how to deal with maths problems in real-world situations and get to understand the most efficient ways to calculate the correct solution. Topics include Number; Algebra; Geometry and Measure; Statistics.

Physical Education

A collection of resources for GCSE Physical Education featuring learner guides on the following topics: Applied anatomy and physiology; Physical training; Sport psychology; Socio-cultural influences; Health, fitness and well-being; Exam skills; Performance analysis; Practical performance.


Help is at hand for students of GCSE Physics. The resource features learner guides and quizzes, as well as fun videos to explain the following topics: Electricity, energy and waves; Forces, space and radioactivity; Practical skills.

Religious Studies

Invaluable resources for anyone studying GCSE Religious Studies, which feature study guides, quizzes and light-hearted videos on Christianity, Catholic Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Buddhism; Hinduism; Sikhism; and non-religious views. The topics covered are: Beliefs, teachings and practices; Life and death; Good and evil; Relationships; Human rights.

Welsh Second Language

For GCSE students studying Welsh Second Language, here is a fantastic resource that features study guides, quizzes and fun videos that can help with writing, reading, speaking and grammar.

Year 10 to 11: age 14-16 (Welsh Baccalaureate Qualification)

Welsh Baccalaureate

Welsh Baccalaureate (WBQ National: Foundation KS4) provides students with the essential and employability skills required for higher education and life in the real world. This resource contains materials that complement the Enterprise and employability challenge; the Global citizenship challenge; the Community challenge; and the Individual project.