Retraining helped me achieve

“When I first came to the UK, I tried to get into university or college. I was facing the same difficulty every time: your qualifications are not recognised.”

When Ahmed moved from Yemen to the UK, his qualifications were no longer recognised. Find out how retraining changed his life.

As a child, Ahmed enjoyed taking things apart and building them again. He dreamt of being an engineer and completed basic qualifications where he grew up in Yemen. However, when he moved to the UK his qualifications were no longer recognised.

Ahmed started again with a Level 1 in Maths and English, a BTEC Level 1 in Engineering and then Level 2 in Performing Engineering Operations. The courses were free and Ahmed worked in retail to fund his food, travel and other living costs. This helped his budgeting skills when learning to manage finances.

The courses helped him get his first apprenticeship and he’s had many amazing college experiences, from being on the college governor board to NUS conferences. These experiences have improved his social skills and given him greater confidence when meeting people from different backgrounds. Ahmed now plans to go to university to do an engineering degree.

“Looking back at it, it’s incredible.”
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