Problem solving using hundredths

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Understand hundredths as fractions and decimals.

This lesson includes:

  • two videos
  • two worksheets

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What happens when you split one whole into 100 equal parts?

Each equal part is a fraction called a hundredth, you can also write this as a decimal: 0.01.

Today's lesson will look at counting in hundredths, what happens when you have 10 or more hundredths and using place value grids, number lines and hundredths squares.

The hundredths square

The video below begins with a picture you’ve probably used before. It’s a hundred square. But today, think of this picture as a hundredths square. The whole square represents 1, and each part represents a fraction or a decimal.

The picture will help us count in decimal steps.

Next watch the video below to find out how decimal counting continues past 0.09.

See how you can exchange 10 hundredths for 1 tenth and some different methods to do this.


Activity 1

Hundredths as a fraction

These questions will test what you know about writing decimals, including hundredths.

Question 2 prompts you to think about partitioning, and to link your understanding of tenths and hundredths as decimals and fractions.

Print out the worksheet or write your answers on paper.

Hundredths as a fraction

Click here for the answer sheet

Activity 2

Hundredths grid

Answering the problems on the worksheet below will give you the chance to develop confidence and accuracy when writing hundredths as fractions and decimals.

Print out the worksheet and shade your answer on the hundredths grid to help show your thinking or draw out the grid on squared paper.

Hundredths grid

Click here for the answer sheet

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