Homeschooling Hacks with Sophie Ellis-Bextor: Managing your wellbeing as a parent

Looking after your mental health and wellbeing as a parent can be tricky when there seems to be no time for yourself - especially with homeschooling to contend with.

Singer and mum-of-five Sophie Ellis-Bextor teams up with other parents to explain how you can look after yourself while everyone is at home.

Tips for looking after yourself

  • Find an excuse to have time for yourself during the day. Exercise, reading, it really doesn't matter what it is - as long as you get a break and time to reflect.
  • Get outside once a day. It could be a stroll around the garden, a walk with the dog, or you could bundle the kids up and make it a family outing!
  • Be kind to yourself. Take time to reflect on you and your family's life and give yourself credit for the wins, no matter how small they might seem. Maybe you persuaded your kids to take a bath, or to do some of their homework; or perhaps you've gotten better at taking time for yourself.
  • Your children will see you taking the time to look after yourself and remember this as an important behaviour for later in their life!
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