The Stone Age

Let's explore the Stone Age

This collection contains curriculum relevant videos, quizzes and games to help Years 5/6 and P6/7 History students with:

  • knowledge of everyday life in the Stone Age

  • a timeline of prehistoric Britain

These educational resources are hand-picked from BBC Bitesize, the wider BBC and educational partners.

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Here you will find videos and activities about the Stone Age. Try them out, and then test your knowledge with a short quiz before exploring the rest of the collection.

Take a trip through 900,000 years of prehistoric history.

Explore the interactive image below to find out what footprints, bones and tools can tell us about prehistoric people.

In the early Stone Age, people made simple hand-axes out of stones. They made hammers from bones or antlers and they sharpened sticks to use as hunting spears.

Watch the video to see how these were made.

Raksha Dave finds out how our ancient ancestors made tools and weapons from flint.

Explore this interactive picture, and try the quiz below to see what you know about the Stone Age.

Highlights from BBC Bitesize and partners

The best guides and activities from BBC Bitesize, the rest of the BBC and our partners, all about the Stone Age. They contain text, videos and challenges to help you understand, practise and test your knowledge.

What is Stonehenge?
How did Stone Age hunter-gatherers live?
Who were the first farmers?
Daily Lesson: What was it like to live in the Stone Age?
How do we know what prehistoric Britain was like?
What do ancient bones tell us about the Stone Age?
What was prehistoric Britain like?
New Stone Age (animation)
Middle Stone Age (animation)
Stone Age Craft Ideas

This section contains activity sheets from our educational partners, hosted by the BBC. Worksheets in this collection were provided by Twinkl.

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