How to encourage your child to take care at school

This article was last updated on 20 October 2020

Will my child remember to social distance at school? Will they wash their hands properly if I'm not there? If you're worried about your child taking care at school, early years specialist Alex Chiorando explains how you can encourage good habits, just like these.

Alex's tips

  • Make sure they know to listen to their teacher, who will explain all the new rules.
  • Reassure them that these extra rules are there to keep them safe and not because they've done something wrong.
  • Reassure them that these rules aren't forever.
  • Talk to them about the responsibility of not spreading germs to other people, rather than catching germs from others. This will help them to feel in control.
  • Use playtime and games to teach them about social distancing.
  • Teach your child to use their words if there is something they want, rather than touching or grabbing it.
  • Build personal hygiene into your routines at home.
  • Focus on what your child can do, rather than what they can't - such as dancing, games and jokes while still social distancing.
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