Will I lose my old friends?

This film was recorded before the Covid-19 pandemic.

Losing old friends is always a worry when you move from primary to secondary school but it doesn’t need to happen. Students from CBBC’s Our school explain how they stayed in contact with their friends, from taking time to meet up outside school to introducing your new friends to your old ones


  • Keep in touch and make sure you see each other outside of school time

  • Don’t let other commitments or new friends get in the way of making time for your old friends

  • Introduce your new friends to your old friends

  • Don’t worry about not being as close or seeing them as regularly, a good friendship can pick up at any time

  • Send an occasional encouraging text or give them a call for a chat, your old friends are probably worried about losing you as a friend too

  • After a couple of weeks, organise a cinema trip or other activity with a few of your old friends to compare notes on new schools and just catch up

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