Top tips for reading with your child

This article was first published in December 2019

Early years specialist Purnima Tanuku OBE gives her top tips for getting the most out of reading with your child.

Purnima's tips

• Find a time that works for you. Bedtimes are great, but anytime during the day works too!

• Tell stories in the everyday world. Even what's happening outside of the car window on the way to school.

• Talk about the pictures.

• Be as expressive as possible when reading aloud to your child. Use emotion, use voices, and make sounds, as it all adds to your child's enthusiasm for the story.

Some questions to ask your child when you read together

During the story

'How do you think this story will end?'

After the story

'Why did the writer want to tell this story?'

'Which character was most like you?' or 'Which was your favourite character?'

'Did you like the book? Why?'

'How do you think the character felt at this point of the story?'

Remember to only ask one or two questions every story time, you don't want to distract them too much!

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