Making the Magic: Inside jobs in film

Are you spellbound by the thought of a career in the film industry?

If you're interested in film, TV, games design, graphics or any creative arts subjects and want to know more about what career routes are available, then this is for you! BBC Bitesize has teamed up with Warner Bros. Wizarding World to bring you Making the Magic – a sneak peek at some of the behind-the-scenes roles that go into bringing the magic of the Harry Potter and Fantastic Beast films to life.

Miraphora Mina: Graphic designer

Meet Miraphora, part of the graphic design duo behind the graphic props for the Wizarding World. She designed The Marauder's Map, Harry Potter's Hogwarts school acceptance letter and the Hogwarts house crests, to name but a few.

Getting the chance to do Harry Potter from day one to now – about 20 years later – has been incredible. When we finished the original eight films, it was only the beginning of another chapter with our studio and projects that continue to challenge us.

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Colleen Atwood: Costume designer

Meet Colleen, the multi-Oscar-award-winning costume designer behind iconic looks like Grindelwald in the Fantastic Beasts films and The Mad Hatter in Alice in Wonderland.

I think what I love most about being a costume designer is the amount of people that I get to work with, the amazing craftsmanship I surround myself with and the idea that I never know what the next challenge is.

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Christian Manz: Visual effects supervisor

Meet Christian, an Oscar-nominated VFX supervisor who worked on the first two Fantastic Beasts films and is currently working on the third. He was instrumental in bringing Newt Scamander's magical suitcase to life!

There are not many jobs where you get to see your work plastered all over a cinema screen and all around the world by millions of people. So you do get a lot of satisfaction out of it.

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Brooke McGowan: Compositor

Meet Brooke, who worked on the first two Fantastic Beasts films. Her job as a compositor involves seamlessly integrating real-life footage with CGI (Computer Generated Imagery) to make the final film image look as realistic as possible.

Our job is to make the final film image look so believable that the audience are able to suspend their disbelief and enter these worlds.

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Rianna Charles: Costume standby

Meet Rianna Charles, a costume standby working in film and TV. She's worked on everything from soaps, like Emmerdale and Coronation Street, to period dramas, like Call the Midwife, and is currently working on the third Fantastic Beasts film. It's her job to look out for costume continuity, making sure there aren't noticeable changes in characters' costumes within scenes.

As a costume standby, you're the last person actors talk to before they go on set. You need to be calm, smiley and judge whether they want to talk or to stay in the zone.

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