Writing poetry

A collection of resources on writing poetry produced to support learning English for Y7 and S1 and with content provided to take part in National Poetry Day.

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Finding inspiration

Anyone can write poetry about anything.

Is there a poet in all of us?

Many poets are inspired by what is happening around them and how they feel.

Your surroundings or a memory of your surroundings could inspire a poem.

Watch these videos to learn about different places to find inspiration for your poetry.

How to write poetry about your feelings
How to write poetry inspired by events in your life
How to use sounds and literary techniques for inspiration in your poems

Drafting your poem

When writing poetry you might be trying to say a lot in just a few words, so it’s important to think carefully about word choice.

Considering the context of a poem can deepen the meaning of it and help to portray the mindset of the poet.

After your first draft write your poem out again, making some changes and tweaks.

When drafting a poem it's useful to consider these factors.
This video shows how Wilfred Owen redrafted Anthem for a Doomed Youth to get the version we know today

Find out more about how to write poetry.

Performing a poem

A performance can bring the words of a poem to life.

When performing a poem consider what a physical performance of the poem would look like.

Think about the words that should be emphasised in the reading and write notes planning the performance of the poem.

Joe Coelho looks at how poetry can be performed, bringing the words to life rather than keeping them on the printed page

Key learning resources

Poetry workshop - Finding inspiration
Writing and performing poetry (30 minutes)

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