What it is like to be…a TV presenter?

As a TV presenter, no two days are the same.

Radzi is a BBC presenter. He works on Blue Peter and several other programmes. Radzi spends a lot of time travelling to different locations and events where he offers commentary, presents segments of live TV, reads scripts, interviews guests and takes on record-breaking challenges.

Radzi's journey to becoming a TV presenter wasn't straightforward. He explored other careers before deciding to work in TV and spent three years persevering with unpaid internships and work experience before he finally got his big break.

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What skills do I need to be a TV presenter?

TV requires you to work lots of long and unsociable hours, so you’ll need stamina and resilience. In addition, you'll need:

  • excellent verbal communication skills
  • adaptability and the ability to think on your feet
  • great networking skills.

The lowdown

What will I get paid? Salaries are variable and contracts are normally freelance or fixed-term.

Where will I work? Your location will be variable, depending on the TV programme you are working on.

What are the working hours like? It depends on the programme, but weekend work and long hours are likely.

What qualifications do I need? Qualifications or experience in Drama or Media Production could be helpful.

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