Addition and subtraction word problems

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Learn how to solve maths problems with addition and subtraction.

This lesson includes:

  • two videos
  • two activities

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Take a look through the slideshow below.

The class go outside and find some outdoor items to bring back and measure.

Can you help them work out their maths questions?

Three children from class one are instructed to go outside by their teacher.

Today, you will learn to solve addition and subtraction problems with the help from Class One.

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Activity 1

Worksheet 1- measuring outdoor items

Have a go at finding, chopping, growing and hiding addition and subtraction activities, all themed around a day out in the woods.

Adding and subtracting

Activity 2

Worksheet 2 - Mojimaths addition and subtraction

Some of the numbers in the calculations have been replaced by emojis in this maths activity. Can you use the given calculations to work out the numbers represented by the emojis?

Mathsmoji - Adding and subtracting

See how well you did with the answer sheet.

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