Don’t give up when times get tough

It’s hard to persevere and overcome obstacles along the way – especially when there are a lot of them. Anyone who achieves their goals has persevered to get to where they want to be.

Top tips to take away

  • You may not get the support you need in the beginning – people may even laugh at your dreams! Be realistic, but don’t allow criticism to deter you and keep your eye on the goal
  • On your bad days, it’s difficult to maintain motivation. Remember that it’s okay to take small steps sometimes, as long as you’re still moving forward
  • Being tired and having a lack of energy can impact your motivation – but learn from this, and ask why you're feeling like you do
  • If you make a mistake or something goes wrong, pick yourself up and try again – you will learn how to do it right over time
  • Invest in yourself. Research, network and grab new opportunities
  • Remember, as long as you’re passionate about something and work hard, the world is yours to take.
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