Ten fun things to do during the first year of primary school

This article was first published in October 2019

Adam is the deputy headteacher at a primary school and he has some great activities for you and your child to try during their first year in education - including ways to support their learning, creativity, and curiosity.

Adam's tips

• Go for a walk around your local area with your child and talk about the different things you can see.

• Count everything like stairs, windows.

• Read books, comics and make up stories together.

• Make a musical instrument out of items lying around at home.

• Get baking – help your child to make a recipe.

• Plant seeds and watch them grow!

• Turn household tasks into a game – this helps your child to develop skills in listening and following instructions.

• Go exploring outdoors.

• Sing songs together – singing helps memory and encourages creativity.

• Share the love – remind children how much you love them every day!

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