What I wish I'd known before choosing my options

This article was first published in 2018.

We've discussed how to pick the right subjects for you. But how about what not to do? Some former secondary students open up about what they wish they'd known when they chose their options.

Students share what they wish they'd known when choosing their exam subjects.

Top tips on choosing your options from young people who have made ALL the mistakes:

  • Don't just pick a subject because your mates are doing it - it's your life!
  • Don't pick a subject on the spur of the moment or because it sounds new and fun, as it could wear off
  • Don't pick a subject just because it is taught by your favourite teacher. Likewise, try not to avoid a subject just because you’re not too keen on a teacher: there are no guarantees that you'll be taught by the same person
  • Don't avoid a subject that you may want to take onto further education, as you may need a secondary school qualification for it first
  • Don't presume you know everything about how a subject will be taught and ask your teachers for as much information as possible
  • And, perhaps, most importantly: don't stress out too much, and pick subjects you feel you will enjoy doing for the next two years. Good luck!
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