GCSE results day: What next?

This collection was last updated on 13 August 2020.

GCSE results day is here! The wait is over and you finally know the score. Now what?

Whether you're interested in A-levels, apprenticeships or vocational courses, check out our tailored GCSE advice to help you feel informed and confident about taking your next steps.

Next steps and decision-making advice

What should I do after getting my grades? Your options at 15/16
Post-16: What next?
I didn't get the grades, now what?
What are A-levels like? Ups, downs and resits
What are T-levels? Get the lowdown
Apprenticeships and work
What will I need to get into uni? Apprenticeships and college options
The low-down on apprenticeships
Starting work as an apprentice
Can I mix A-levels and vocational qualifications?
Forging your own path
Making decisions and changing pathways

For our Welsh speakers

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