Life threw me a curve ball – but I made the most of it!

“I didn’t see the light at the end of the tunnel with regards to a football career.”

Tom left school at 16 to play full-time football. After a series of injuries left him without work, he realised that football couldn’t offer the long-term security that he wanted. Then he got an opportunity to use the drive and determination he’d learned from football to train for a new career.

Tom played football for Everton when he was still at school and he left at 16 to pursue football full-time. He went through some tough times and had a series of chronic injuries which left him out of work and he decided enough was enough.

He looked for something that offered more security and attended an open evening for a financial service company. He loved being able to take the drive and determination he’d shown in his football training and apply it to the new role. He completed a Diploma in Financial Planning through a wealth management firm that ran an academy.

Tom now offers financial advice to individuals and small companies. He enjoys meeting new people and making a difference.

“I’ve been through a lot of downs but I think they’ve really made my character what it is today, and they’re going to stand me in good stead in my future.”
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