How to keep motivated and believe in yourself

During your mid-to-late teens you’ll have to make lots of important decisions, which is very exciting but can also lead to a bit of stress and self-doubt.

These feelings are completely normal, but it’s important to keep moving forward. So we’ve asked our team of experts to give you the ultimate pep talk – GO YOU!!

In this short film, our team of experts give you a few tips on how to be self-confident and motivated.

Not sure where you want to go?

  • Not knowing what to do at 16 is not the end of the world, so don’t panic
  • Choose something you enjoy and that keeps you motivated
  • Ask yourself these three questions: who am I? What do I want? How do I get it?
  • Ask them in this order. “Who am I?” is about your skills, personality, experiences and what is important to you. When you become aware of these, understanding what you want and how to get there will become clearer
  • Motivation is linked to skills and talent. Ask yourself: what am I good at? You can also ask your family, teachers and friends – it’s good to get an external perspective, and they may tell you things you hadn’t thought of
  • Be self-motivated – don’t wait for others to spark your enthusiasm. Be your own cheerleader!
  • Confidence is about what you believe about yourself. Thoughts like “I can’t achieve” or “I’m not good enough” often have nothing to do with real outcomes in real life
  • Try to figure out where these thoughts come from. Get support to challenge and change these beliefs
  • Everyone looks like they’re having a great time or achieving great results on social media. That’s not always true. People often choose to only show their best bits, so you’re not seeing a true representation of their lives.
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