The importance of teamwork

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Learn about the importance and benefits of teamwork.

This lesson includes:

  • a video to get your child active while thinking about teamwork

  • two video clips showing how children worked together effectively as a team

  • a practice activity


Teamwork with the Super Movers Crew

The Super Movers Crew, Floss, Spark and LC have the lowdown on what makes a great team.

Get your child up and moving while learning.

Get active while learning about teamwork

Teamwork in practice

This video clip helps explain what teamwork is to your child.

Six young children are learning the skills needed to work as a team on a search and rescue challenge.

The children work out between them the skills they could bring to team-working.

After the challenge is explained, the children plan the jobs they might do.

They recognise a leader is necessary if the team is to work successfully.

After the clip has played discuss with your child what they think the important parts of a team are.

A group of children take up a challenge

Being a successful team

In this clip, the six volunteers continue to learn the skills needed to work as a team on a search and rescue challenge.

The children discover frustrations that can build and create problems within the team.

One of the problems the children identify is everyone has their own ideas of how to do things, and they all want their way to work - which causes arguments.

At the end of this clip, discuss with your child what they have learned about how to work as a team.

The children get frustrated with how the challenge is going


Now your child has watched how a team can work together, can they think about how they feel they would fit into a team?


I am an amazing person

In this activity from Twinkl, get your child thinking about what their strengths are and how they could apply that to working as a team.

Finishing the sentence starters in the balloons will help them visualise the talents they have and how others would value them.

After they have completed the activity, you could discuss with your child their reasons for their choice and how they think they could apply their skills to a particular scenario - for example, how would they work as a team to organise a party?

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