How to maintain your relationship during lockdown

If you’re in a relationship, lockdown has certainly brought its challenges. Either you’re spending more time with your partner than ever before or, if you’re not co-habiting, your relationship might suddenly have become ‘long-distance’.

Psychosexual and relationship therapist, Kate Moyle, offers some expert advice on making sure, together or apart, your partnership survives these tough times.

If you need support

You should always tell someone about the things you’re worried about. You can tell a friend, parent, guardian, teacher or another trusted adult. If you're struggling with your mental health, going to your GP can be a good place to start to find help. Your GP can let you know what support is available to you, suggest different types of treatment and offer regular check-ups to see how you’re doing.

If you're in need of in-the-moment support you can contact Shout 85258. It's a free, 24/7 text messenger support service for anyone in the UK. Text the word “SHOUT” or “YM” to 85258 to start a conversation.

There are more links to helpful organisations on BBC Action Line.

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