The secrets to success

What do successful entrepreneurs have in common? Undoubtably a passion for their unique idea, a growth mind-set, sharp pitching skills and the ability to keep a work/life balance are all really important characteristics to have.

But are there any other tricks of the trade? What insightful gems can those who have 'made it' offer about the experience of starting up a business? What other knowledge has helped their businesses not only survive, but thrive?

Watch young entrepreneurs give us the inside wire on what has worked for them.

So to recap:

  • Be motivated by your own passion
  • Be prepared – do the research on your industry
  • Be harder working than the next person
  • Be resilient - don't let people make you doubt yourself
  • Be ‘in the moment’ as well as focused on the big end goal
  • Be a great networker and collaborator
  • Be a team player - but know when to delegate
  • Be smart with money – reinvest your profits in your business!
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