Multi-step addition and subtraction problems

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Learn how to complete multi-step addition and subtraction calculations.

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An operation is a mathematical process. The most common operations are add, subtract, multiply and divide.

One-step problems require one operation to solve the problem. Two-step and multi-step maths problems require more than one operation to find an answer.

Often, you will have to use the answer to the first step using one operation to work out the rest of the problem.

Now, let's take a look at some multistep addition and subtraction word problems in the below slideshows.

Can you solve the multi-step problems to unlock the box?

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The multi-step problem continues below.

Expenses: £45 + £56.36 + £21.67 = £123.03

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Now try these multi-step problems.

A family live 265 miles away from their grandparents, who they visit over the holidays. While away, they visit friends who live 37 and a half miles from where they are staying, and they drive another 18 miles to go shopping. Including a return trip, how many miles will they travel altogether? Can you use the RUCSAC method to help solve this word problem?

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Activity 1

Multi-step addition and subtraction worksheet

Have a go at these worksheets to practise solving multi-step problems involving addition and subtraction.

Multistep addition and subtraction worksheet

Activity 2

Multi-step word problems worksheet

Have a go at this fun worksheet by spinning the wheel and completing the addition and subtraction word problems.

Multi-step word problems worksheet

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