What it is like to be… an actor on Hollyoaks?

Acting is not just about learning your lines, but "reading between the lines".

We've caught up with Aedan Duckworth, an actor and model known for playing Oliver in Hollyoaks. Aedan works at Lime Productions in Liverpool where he films with the rest of the cast and a director. He told us about what he does and how the subjects he studied at school help him in his job.

Scroll down for more information on skills, working hours and salary.

Aedan Duckworth explains what his job as an actor for Hollyoaks involves.

What skills do I need?

As well as enthusiasm, confidence and acting ability, you will also need:

  • English language and literature skills to help you to read and interpret scripts
  • stamina and flexibility
  • resilience and a positive outlook.

The lowdown

What will I get paid? Salaries are variable and normally based on freelance or fixed-term contracts.

Where will I work? You location will be variable, depending on the TV programme you are working on.

What are the working hours like? It depends on the programme, but weekend work and long hours are likely.

What qualifications do I need? Qualifications or experience in drama or media production could be helpful.

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