How activities outside work can help put you a step ahead

You can gain a lot from outside activities such as sports, charity work or playing an instrument. You can develop skills that not only help you get a job or promotion, but also improve your personal wellbeing.

Top tips to take away

  • Having your own projects outside of work can help develop new skills. Whether the projects are directly related to you career or not, they can help you develop transferable skills to take back to the workplace. Plus, it’s always good to have something you’re passionate about outside of the daily grind
  • Volunteering or working in the community allows you to meet people from different backgrounds, help others less fortunate and feel good about yourself. You’re also building social and people skills that you can use in work
  • Playing sports or going to the gym isn’t just about exercise - it can also help build resilience and teamwork. Even if you’re on a losing team, don’t sweat it - you’ve built perseverance skills by carrying on
  • Activities you do outside of work - from demonstrating you can work under pressure to being organised - can make you more employable, and help you progress in the workplace.
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