How do you manage your own work?

Hakeem shares what he learnt about managing your own work while trying out different jobs for the Nine to Five with Stacey Dooley.

Hakeem talks about what it means to manage your own work.

What Hakeem has learnt:

  • First things first: show up for work! Be there, be on time and be reliable
  • Learn to prioritise according to your deadlines. Write a to-do list and work your way through it in order of importance
  • Optimise your work: refine your skills and use your time wisely
  • Do seek advice, but try to be independent too. Before going to your boss with a problem, ask yourself: is there a solution I can suggest?
  • Bonus tip: ask yourself whether it's quality over quantity, or vice-versa. Is it more important that you get through a lot of work quickly, or to spend extra time on certain tasks to make sure they're near perfect? When in doubt, talk to your boss!
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