Rocks, soil and fossils

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In this lesson learn about what fossils are and what they can teach us, what soil is and the different types of rocks.

This lesson includes:

  • Four videos
  • Two activities to help with learning


How are fossils made?

A fossil is the preserved remains or traces of a dead organism.

The process by which a fossil is formed is called fossilisation.

Watch this short film to learn more about how fossils are made.

What can we learn from fossils?

Fossils have been found in rocks of all ages, stretching back billions of years.

However, most of the species found in the fossil record have died out or become extinct.

In this short film find out what we can learn from fossils.

What is soil made from?

Soil is a mixture of tiny particles of rock, dead plants and animals, air and water.

Watch this short film to find out more.

What is a rock?

Rocks are all around us and they have many different properties.

Some rocks are very hard and some are soft.

Watch this short film to find out more about rocks.


Activity 1

Check your knowledge of rocks in this short quiz.

Activity 2

Test your knowledge of soil in this activity. Fill in the blanks with the correct words.

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