A couple’s guide to moving in

Moving out on your own can be a real challenge, but moving in with your other half is another kettle of fish altogether! Much as you love them, you will discover some less-than-loveable quirks that your partner has managed to hide so far. Be prepared!

From dealing with their dirty socks, to keeping tabs on the budget, Tanya and Rhyan talk about how they coped when they moved in together for the first time.

Let's recap on Tanya and Rhyan's top tips for making moving in effortless:

  • Share the housework

Cooking, hoovering, cleaning, taking the bins out, doing the washing, loading the dishwasher… the list of chores goes on and on. Avoid fall-outs by playing to your strengths and divvying up the workload.

Top tip: put your chores on a shared calendar so no one can conveniently ‘forget’.

  • Budget

Whether you budget on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, it’s really important to keep track of your spending. Try setting saving goals and then use the extra cash for something fun, like a date night. The couple that saves together, stays together!

  • Give each other space

Much as you love each other, you will find that you’ll need your own space sometimes. Make time for the things that keep you happy – reading, working out, doing a spot of yoga. Just because you live together doesn’t mean you need to be joined at the hip.

  • Communication is key

You will disagree from time to time, but it’s so much healthier to talk through your feelings than bottle them up. Empathy is important: try to see things from your partner’s perspective, talk calmly and try to compromise.

  • Keep the love

Make time to do things that you both enjoy, for example having dinner out or taking a walk in the park. Spending quality time together will help you remember why you liked each other enough to move in together in the first place!

As Rhyan says, moving in with your partner can be:

like moving in with your best friend.

It can be tough sometimes, but remember why you chose to live with that person in the first place and keep those lines of communication open.

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