Mixing, dissolving and separation

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Learn about mixing and dissolving and separation.

This lesson includes:

  • two video showing how to mix and dissolve and also how to separate out mixtures

  • two activities to help reinforce learning


Find out why different substances do different things when added to liquids.

In this short animation Circle, Triangle and Square discover the difference between mixing and dissolving.

Mixing or dissolving?

When something dissolves in water it is soluble. It will produce a solution. eg. salt

When something cannot dissolve in water it is insoluble. It will create a mixture. eg. sand


Separation is when we get back what we dissolved or mixed together.

Watch this short animation to see how Circle, Triangle and Square use separation to solve their problems.


There are lots of ways to try out your science skills.

Activity 1 – Match up the separation method

Activity 2 – try it yourself (adult supervision required)

Take some rice or pasta and mix it with water.

Think about how they might separate them and then try it out (Hint: You’ll need a sieve/colander).

Next dissolve some salt/sugar in water and then heat it up and see what happens. Is it what you expected?

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