Working out how much change

Home learning focus

Learn all about money-based maths problems, including adding amounts and working out change.

This lesson includes:

  • two videos
  • two worksheets
  • one interactive activity


The money jiggle

Get up and moving with Mr Pumpernickel! Dance and shake your body to this song about money from Supermovers by BBC Teach.


Activity 1

Change challenge cards

Open the change challenge cards below from Twinkl and shout out the answers! If it helps, you could use real coins or the coins you used for Activity 1 on Monday to count out and find the answers.

Change Challenge

Activity 2

Correct change worksheet

Open the worksheet from Twinkl below. Has the right change been given? How much change is the correct amount?

Check your change worksheet

Activity 3

Watch this interactive video from Classroom Secrets Kids and see if you can answer the questions on working out change.

Two-step problems video tutorial

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