Body language tips for dating success

You've chosen your outfit with military precision, your hair looks ace and you smell like a million dollars, but as the minute hand ticks ever closer to your date, something starts to happen. Suddenly, your palms are dripping wet, you're stumbling over your words and you just can't figure out what to do with your hands. Hello first date jitters!

Take a deep breath - this happens to the best of us. What's important is that you ride it out in style. So, watch our video and learn how to create a killer first impression and put out the right signals for dating success.

If only reading body language were this simple!
Learn how to put out the right signals on your date.

Let's recap. To avoid awkward blushes and tumbleweed, and really show your crush you’re into them, psychologist Geoff Beattie's advice is to:

  • Smile!

Smiles are infectious and an instant way of showing someone you’re a happy, positive person. They make us feel good and cost nothing, so don’t hold back!

  • Pay them an original compliment

Avoid over-used romantic phrases. ‘You have nice eyes’ isn’t going to get anyone’s heart fluttering. Be original. Show them you’ve really noticed them and compliment them on something that makes them unique.

  • Be an active listener

Everyone likes talking about themselves, so give lots of verbal signals and ask questions to show that you’re listening. Even if you're feeling shy, saying things like, ‘That’s great!’ or ‘Really?’ reinforces that you’re paying close attention and will make your date feel valued.

As Geoff says, putting your date at ease will also help you to relax. So make sure they're enjoying the date and the chances are you will too!

Go knock 'em dead, champ!

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