What is an entrepreneur?

Entrepreneur. It’s a big, fancy-sounding word, isn’t it? Perhaps even a bit intimidating, especially when you don’t really know what it means. But fear not – we’re here to help you cut through the business jargon!

An entrepreneur is someone who starts their own company or business, seeking to make a profit or a difference in the world, or both! Entrepreneurs often take risks, creating or pouncing on new opportunities as they arise and they rarely restrict themselves to just one industry. In fact, many entrepreneurs own multiple companies across a range of different trades.

For the language fiends out there, the word entrepreneur derives from the French verb ‘entreprendre’ which means ‘to undertake’. Today, the word sums up what it means to be proactive, innovative and passionate about business - ready to seize the opportunity.

Let’s hear it from the experts! Watch successful entrepreneurs as they define the entrepreneurial spirit for us.

So, we’ve heard that the definition of an entrepreneur can be...

  • Someone with the dream of owning their own business
  • Someone who hustled to make money even from a very young age
  • NOT necessarily a man in a suit in his forties!
  • Someone who knows they want to work for themselves.

But essentially, if you set your sights on running and owning your own business the definition of an entrepreneur is whatever you make of it.

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Your future awaits!

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