Week 9 - Challenges for Year 5 and P6

Friday is challenge day on Bitesize Daily!

We've partnered with White Rose Maths to create a series of challenges to test your problem-solving skills. Each one gets a bit more difficult, so see how many you and your family can do together!

Let us know how you're getting on @bbcbitesize and @White Rose Maths with the hashtag #BitesizeChallenge.

Challenge 1

Here is a toy car and bus.

By how many cm is the bus longer than the car?

Challenge 2

Here are 3 beanbags.

They are placed on a seesaw.

Which beanbag is the heaviest?

Challenge 3

Amir is dividing a 2-digit number by 3.

His answer is a whole number.

What could the missing digit be?

Challenge 4

Lewis makes a repeating pattern with some shapes.

Lewis repeats the pattern.

What is the shape in the 50ᵗʰ position?

Challenge 5

A large rectangle is made up of smaller rectangles, labelled A and B.

The length of A is double the width of A.

Find the area of one of the rectangles labelled B.

Challenge 6

Mina buys 3 pizzas and a bottle of cola.

A pizza costs £3.20 more than a bottle of cola.

The total cost of the items is £19.40

How much does a pizza cost?

As a rough guide of difficulty level:

  • Challenge 1 and 2 are suitable for ages 5 to 7.

  • Challenge 3 to 6 are suitable for ages 7 to 10.

We want everyone to get involved with challenge day, so work together to solve as many as you can and share your solutions!


Challenge 1 - 2 cm

Challenge 2 - B

Challenge 3 - 1, 4 or 7

Challenge 4 - Yellow circle

Challenge 5 - 192 cm²

Challenge 6 - £5.65

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