Subtracting money

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In this lesson, you will learn how to subtract money in pounds and pence.

The lesson includes:

Created in partnership with Classroom Secrets.


Aaron demonstrates how to subtract money using coins, a number line and column methods in this subtracting money video.

Listen out for key words such as pounds, pence, convert and exchange.

Watch both parts of the video.

Part one

Extract taken from video tutorial by Classroom Secrets

Part two

Extract taken from video tutorial by Classroom Secrets


Activity 1

Worksheet - Subtracting money

Practise subtracting money by completing the questions.

Subtracting money – Activity 1

Click here for the answers.

Activity 2

Interactive activity - Subtracting money game

Practise taking away different amounts of money in the this interactive game. What amounts do the different coins represent?

Subtracting money game – Activity 2

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