Writing my way to a greener future

Sophie joined her local school strike for climate change when she was 17.

She wants to pressure the government into taking greater action on climate change. Through her activism, Sophie has discovered her talent for writing - and a sense of belonging.

Writing for change

Sophie has always enjoyed writing. She used to write fiction but began to write non-fiction - like articles and speeches - when she learned about the school strikes for climate change.

I've always looked to writing as a way of exploring how I feel about the world.

In 2019, Sophie wrote an online article for the Ecologist - a journal which talks about environmental affairs. She said schools need to teach more about the effect climate change has on real people. She explained that school children are striking because it is the only way they feel they have a voice.

Sophie’s article sparked interest on social media, and it was then that she began to understand the power of words. As she says, “That was when I kind of realised what impact writing could have on people.”

Getting the message across

Since then, Sophie has made a documentary film about the youth climate strikes. But words are still key to everything she does. She and her friends write slogans for the posters and banners they use during protests. They also create graphics for their social media accounts, and take photos and videos to record what is happening.

Documentary filmmaking for me is another way of expressing journalism.

Her climate justice tribe

Sophie and her friends now organise a protest or march about climate change every month, and in doing so Sophie is combining several of her passions.

She is using the different styles of writing to get her message across, and she is enjoying feeling part of a community.

Activism gives me such a feeling of solidarity because everyone is fighting for the same thing.

Sophie has found where she belongs.

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