How to avoid horrifying scams!

Beware of scammers

Did you know that each year online scammers steal around £500 billion from internet users? That could be from you and me! But don't panic, help is at hand. Check out our top tips to keep you and your money safe.

There are a few things you need to keep in mind when you go online, to protect you from getting scammed. Here are six top tips for keeping you and your money safe:

1. Always be cautious! When shopping or going on new websites that ask for your details, ask yourself: who runs the website and can you trust it?

2. Beware of phishing. This is when online scammers try to get hold of your personal details. They might email asking for your credit card information. Their emails may look as if they're from someone you trust, but they're not!

3. Don't click suspicious links. Someone could be trying to steal your personal information or download malware

4. Beware of malware. Malware is a harmful software programme. Once installed on your computer it can wreak havoc and steal your personal details, like credit card information

5. Update your software. Legitimate companies try to protect their users from malware by creating updates that stop malware from working. Keeping your software up-to-date will protect you. Installing anti-virus software can help too!

6. Don't over-share. The more information you put out about yourself (for example on social media) the more opportunity scammers have to trick you.

Top tip

A good way of checking whether a website is genuine or not is to check their email address.

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