Clothes and Food

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In this lesson you will learn how to talk about the clothes you wear and the food you eat.

This lesson includes:

  • Two videos
  • Two activities to help with learning



In this short animation Spud opens her birthday presents to discover a shirt, trousers and a jumper - and she's not happy.

Watch this clip to learn how to talk about clothes in French.


Ben is keen to improve his French and links up online with friends who are in a supermarket in Marseille.

In this video we follow Ingrid, Lili, Thibaud and Ulysse as they wander round selecting ingredients for pizzas.


Activity 1

Learn some other ways to talk about yourself in French with these flashcards from Quizlet.

Click the flashcards to see French translations of English words.

Describing yourself

Activity 2

In this activity from Twinkl draw lines from the French words for food to the English ones.

Food matching worksheet

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