Converting fractions, decimals and percentages

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In this lesson you will practice converting between simple fractions, decimals and percentages.

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Fractions, decimals and percentages can be used to write the same number in different ways.

For example, ⁷³⁄₁₀₀, 73% and 0.73 are all ways of writing 73 parts out of 100 parts.

Some common conversions are shown on the number line below:

You won’t want to always use a number line, though. Use the slides below to learn how to convert between fractions, decimals and percentages.

½ = 0.5 = 50%, ¼ = 0.25 = 25%, ¹⁄₁₀ = 0.1 = 10% and ¹⁄₁₀₀ = 0.01 = 1%.

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Read pages 1 - 4 our 'Converting fractions, decimals and percentages' Bitesize revision guide for more examples of:

Revise - Converting fractions, decimals and percentages


Activity 1


Have a go at this quiz to find out how much you know about converting fractions, decimals and percentages!

Converting fractions, decimals and percentages

Activity 2

Worksheet: Fractions, decimals and percentages

Have a go at this worksheet from Sparx on converting fractions, decimals and percentages. You can print it out or write your answers on a piece of paper.

Fractions, decimals and percentages

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