Relationship myths

Some days doesn’t it just feel like your feed is full of people in perfect relationships? Especially when you’re single, or have just had a row with your significant other for leaving their toenail clippings on the bathroom mat… again.

Whether you’ve grown up dreaming of a prince(ss) charming or imagining a picture of domestic bliss, you might now look at other couples thinking they’ve got it made. So why haven't you? Were the love stories they told us as kids all LIES?

But hold up - the real question is, does the perfect relationship really exist, or is it just a myth?

Our former Love Islanders bust some relationships myths they used to believe in:

Even colour coordination doesn't make for perfect #couplegoals!

So, remember:

  • Don’t worry if you sometimes argue or want to spend time alone, that’s perfectly natural!
  • No relationship is perfect, so be open and honest and move forward with your partner.
  • Know your own mind, take things at your own pace and try not to be too influenced by other couples. Appearances can be deceiving.

Phew! Be reassured then, if you argue or disagree with your bae occasionally, or haven’t hit certain relationship milestones yet, it doesn’t mean your relationship isn't doing great. Unconditional love is just that - there are no clauses, no if’s or but’s, because no individual or couple is ever really perfect.

So I guess we found the answer to our question, despite the myths – the perfect relationship can exist! When you embrace you and your partner’s own unique imperfections.

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