Is college right for me?

Decisions, decisions, decisions! If you’ve just got your grades, you’ll be thinking about what to do next. To help you plan your next move, we’ve asked our experts to tell us what options are out there.

In this short film, they explain about the different types of college and what they offer.

Our team of experts explain the differences between different types of college.

How does college work?

  • Many jobs need higher level qualifications, so GCSEs might not be enough. Going to college will give you opportunity to achieve those qualifications.
  • You can stay at your school if it has a sixth form, or you pick a college
  • Sixth-form colleges offer Level 3 qualifications, such as A levels or vocational qualifications
  • A sixth-form college can open wide range of doors if you want to go to university
  • General further education colleges offer both options, as well as lower level options and vocational/technical subjects
  • If you want to do something like Art and Design, Engineering, Digital or Catering, a general further education college might be the best option for you
  • It’s always a good idea to talk to subject leaders and ask questions, so you can take an informed decision.
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