What will schools look like during the pandemic?

This article was last updated on 24 August 2020

Primary schools across the UK are introducing new rules and innovative ideas to respond to the coronavirus pandemic. Here headteachers and reception leads explain how their schools have changed...

What your child might experience at school

  • A one-way system through the school.
  • Social distance markers for lining up.
  • Lots of washing and sanitising hands.
  • Children are split up into 'bubbles' that don't mix.
  • Virtual assemblies over video calls.
  • The classroom is a little more spread out.
  • Each child has their own pens, pencils and clay, that aren't shared.
  • Extra cleaning, including any toys that the children use.
  • Fun new games that help them to learn social distancing.
  • New ways of saying 'good morning' and 'goodbye'!
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