Week 2 - Challenges for Year 6 and P7

Friday is challenge day on Bitesize Daily!

We've partnered with White Rose Maths to create a series of challenges to test your problem-solving skills. Each one gets a bit more difficult, so see how many you and your family can do together!

Let us know how you're getting on @bbcbitesize and @White Rose Maths with the hashtag #BitesizeChallenge.

Challenge 1

This is half of Lee's strawberries.

How many strawberries does Lee have?

This is half of Lee's shape.

What could the whole shape look like?

Challenge 2

Tim buys a lolly and a chew.

The lolly costs 12p more than the chew.

The total cost of the two items is 82p.

How much does the lolly cost?

Challenge 3

Stickers come in packs of 5.

Max buys 12 packs.

He gives his three friends some stickers.

They each receive the same number.

He has 27 stickers left.

How many stickers did Max give each of his friends?

Challenge 4

Here are 3 containers.

  • The jug can hold 1500 ml.
  • The bucket can hold 2 litres.
  • The barrel can hold 15 litres.

Anisa wants to fill the barrel with water.

Find 2 ways that Anisa can fill the barrel using the jug and bucket.

Challenge 5

Three identical squares are arrange to make this pattern.

What is the size of the angle marked x?

Challenge 6

Here is a 3 x 3 grid with some shapes in.

Each shape represents a number.

The sum of each row is shown at the right of the grid.

Find the value of each of the shapes.

Challenge 7

Megan puts 4 fractions in order, starting with the smallest.

She has spilt some paint on some parts of the fractions.

What could the missing numbers be?

As a rough guide of difficulty level:

  • Challenge 1 and 2 are suitable for ages 5 to 7.

  • Challenge 3 to 5 are suitable for ages 7 to 11.

  • Challenge 6 and 7 are suitable for ages 7 to 11.

We want everyone to get involved with challenge day, so work together to solve as many as you can and share your solutions!


Challenge 1 - 8 strawberries

Challenge 2 - 47p

Challenge 3 - 11 cards

Challenge 4 - 2 jugs and 6 buckets, 6 jugs and 3 buckets, or 10 jugs

Challenge 5 - 120 degrees

Challenge 6 - Circle = 32, Triangle = 38 and Pentagon = 25

Challenge 7 - 5, 10, 5 (multiple other answers though)

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