What skills do you need to work in care?

There are jobs that are often described as real vocations and, for many, care is one of them.

The care sector includes a variety of jobs based around looking after people of different ages who may have health conditions, disabilities and/or who are in situations of vulnerability.

We've spoken to Shari Tindle, deputy manager at Tilsley House Care Home, about why she finds her job so rewarding and what skills you need to succeed in her field. Shari is one of the employers featured in Stacey Dooley's latest series The Nine to Five.

Care home deputy manager Shari Tindle talks about her route into the care sector and the skills needed to succeed in it.

Shari's top tips:

  • You need to be very patient and caring to work in this sector, so work out if you have the right personality for it
  • Qualifications can help, but you will do a lot of learning on the job, so soak up what you experience
  • Learn from people above and around you. Elderly people, says Shari, are like "walking history", and working with them can be very enriching
  • Treat everyone as if you would treat your parents or grandparents. You definitely have an impact on the people that you support
  • As with most other jobs: aim high and set yourself some goals. Let your passion shine through.

Discover more on the Prospects website about the role of a care manager.

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