How to become a shop shift leader: Monique's story

Meet Monique, 19. Find out about her job as a shop shift leader at Pinkberry in London. Part of our Bitesize world of work series.

"With dance we create pieces together and that includes using everyone’s ideas, listening, trial and error. All of this can be transferred into my job."

What is your job?

I'm a shift leader at a frozen yoghurt shop. I serve customers, helping them to enjoy the frozen yoghurt of their choice. I will greet a customer, describe the different flavours and offer samples. If I do a morning shift, I open the shop. I put our machines together and cut up the fresh fruit ready to use in the yoghurt. If it’s an evening shift, I’ll serve, clean down the machines, pack things away, and make sure the shop is in order.

Do you use any soft skills in your job?

I need good communication skills with colleagues and customers, as well as organisational skills as I must be able to tell other people what needs to be done. My leadership role means I make sure everything is in order and stock is in shop. Time management is also essential. This includes getting the store ready on time. We have a two-hour prep time in the morning and one hour in the evening to clean up. Good time management means we let each other know what tasks we are doing so if we finish early, we help other colleagues.

What subjects did you study at school?

I studied at the Brit School where I did a BTEC Level 3 Extended Diploma in Dance for two years and I graduated with a Triple Distinction Star. I've now started a BA Degree in Contemporary Dance, so I hope to complete this within three years.

Is this the job you always wanted to do?

It’s not what I thought I would get into, but I do love it. It allows me to work around my studies. It is very flexible and allows me to earn money and study at the same time. My friend recommended the job, so I went in and applied. It’s nice to know that it’s a job that I can do well, and I am now a shift leader.

Monique working at Pinkberry

Top tips

  • If you're interested in something, keep on going
  • You can’t get anywhere without hard work and effort
  • It is fine not to know what you want to do. I'm still not certain, but I know that I'm gaining useful skills and experience.

What to expect if you want to be a shop shift leader

A similar role to this would be a supervisor

  • Supervisor pay: £15,000 to £30,000 average per year
  • Supervisor working hours: 39 to 41 hours per week

What qualifications do you need to be a shop shift leader?

  • Typical entry requirements: You'll usually need at least one or two years' experience in a job to apply directly for team leader or supervisor vacancies. Employers may also want you to have work-based qualifications and evidence of relevant training certificates for the industry you're working in. You can become a team leader or supervisor by being promoted from within your organisation. In a larger organisation, you may need to complete an in-house management trainee scheme. You could also take a team leader and supervisor advanced apprenticeship, or a management higher apprenticeship.

This information is a guide (sources: LMI for All, National Careers Service)

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