Learning how to love yourself, with Grace Victory

Grace Victory aka ‘The Internet’s Big Sister’ is a Body Positive activist, blogger and Instagram influencer.

While you might scroll away, and see in Grace’s photos nothing but Queenly confidence in tonnes, it hasn’t always been easy for her to feel at home in her skin.

Grace is outspoken about the sheer beauty of body diversity in all its forms, and the negative effect constant comparison with others, and beauty industry ‘standards’ can have on our mental health.

An advocate of speaking your mind and living your truth – Grace is keen to share with other young women in particular how transformative sharing your thoughts and insecurities with others can truly be.

You can’t heal what you haven’t yet revealed.

Grace’s advice for learning how to love the way you look:

  • Embrace the diversity of the human body and appearance, there is no such thing as “normal” and you can appreciate how someone else looks while still loving your own uniqueness.

  • Recognise if you have “internalised” a negative label, and talk openly about your feelings with people you trust. There is strength in voicing your feelings, good or bad, and other people who feel the same way will feel less alone when they hear you speak out, therefore contributing to a better culture relating to body image.

  • Keep your inner-critic in check. When Grace hears a negative comment in her head like ‘you’re ugly’, she responds to it with a positive comment ‘you’re beautiful’. Thinking kind thoughts towards yourself is a strong tool – believe in the power of positivity.

  • Remember that everyone, including you, is on an endless journey of self-discovery. Finding out what your triggers are, what makes you happy or sad - essentially what makes you tick - will help you discover ‘who you are with conviction’ and perspective, because your sole focus should never be what you look like. If knowledge is power – then self-knowledge is a superpower!

  • It should go without saying, but say it loud and proud – Everyone deserves love and respect, no matter their size, shape, colour and physical appearance.

Life’s too short to not feel fabulous in your own body.

We love you Grace, and we love ourselves too.

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