Place value of decimals

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In this lesson you will learn about place value of decimals, and how to work with place value grids.

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Decimal place values

We use a decimal point to separate units from parts of a whole, such as tenths, hundredths, thousandths, etc.

  • 0.1 is a tenth, 1/10, of a unit
  • 0.01 is a hundredth, 1/100 of a unit
  • 0.001 is a thousandth, 1/1000 of a unit

In 52.13, the value of the digit '1' is one tenth or 1/10, and the value of the digit '3' is three hundredths or 3/100.

The following slides from Sparx review place value in decimals, and illustrate how place value grids can help you convert place values between words and numbers.

Look at these decimal number lines

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Activity 1

Worksheet: Place value

This worksheet from Sparx contains three tasks about place value. Have a go at each task. You can either print it out or write your answers on a sheet of paper.

Place value of decimals

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