Teenage climate activist: “We have the biggest stake in our future.”

Noga is 17. In February 2019, she felt the need to attend a march to support action on climate change. That protest awoke something in her - the desire to fight for climate justice, and the realisation that she had a strong inner voice that was just waiting to come out.

Finding her voice

The first time Noga attended a climate change rally, she was impressed by the number of children and young people who were taking a stand. “It was a real revelatory moment and a really empowering one, actually”, she said.

Seeing those protesters made Noga realise that she wanted to help young people campaign to protect the environment. She felt passionate about climate justice, and recognised that she had something valuable to say.

I had to grab a megaphone!

Empowering the younger generation

Noga uses her passion to speak at climate justice rallies.

As well as encouraging children and other teenagers to take a stand against climate change, she also wants to empower them. She believes more young people need to be involved in the conversation around protecting the environment.

I want to change the way we think about who gets to decide what's going on and what's going to happen.

Noga worries that young people - those who will be most affected by climate change - are not able to vote in the UK until they reach 18. That’s why she teaches them how to campaign, through speeches and strikes, in the hope they can have an impact on the people in power.

I have a little sister who is six years old. So by the time this deadline to stop irreversible climate breakdown is up, she still won't be able to vote.”

Noga says she felt she had no choice but to act now: “We’re at the point where we have the biggest stake in our future but no one is doing anything to save our future.”

Growing in confidence

Through speaking out, trying to inspire others, Noga has also discovered something about herself. “Over the last months I've seen myself grow in confidence. What I've learnt about myself is that all you have to do is take one small step out there and suddenly the whole world is open for you.”

And Noga feels confident that the world that’s opened up for her can be preserved.

I am very, very hopeful and optimistic that things will change.

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