National Writing Day challenge

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Today you'll practise your creative writing skills by taking part in the National Writing Day 24/7 writing challenge.

You will need:

  • paper

  • a pen or pencil

  • something to time yourself with

Created in partnership with National Writing Day

The 24/7 challenge

It’s National Writing Day today and the aim is to get everyone writing creatively!

Get inspired to get writing!

You are going to take part in a 24/7 challenge.

There are just three rules:

1. You are going to write a brilliant 24-word short story.

2. Your story must start with the words ‘One day’.

3. You will write it in just 7 minutes!

It’s a challenge, but don’t worry – this lesson will guide you step by step so you’re ready to make the most of those precious 7 minutes!


When writing sentences, it's important to follow some basic rules.

Sentences should always start with a capital letter and end in a piece of punctuation, usually a full stop.

Watch this short video to find out more.

Remind yourself how to write sentences.

Get writing!

Before you get started, listen to this advice from childrens' author
Frank Cottrell-Boyce.

Get inspired with Frank Cottrell-Boyce!

Activity 1: Choosing a memorable day

Think about a day in your life which was really amazing. For example, it might be a birthday or a day spent with a friend.

Write down three things you remember about that day. Make sure you use capital letters and punctuation correctly.

Here is an example:
The sun was shining.
I ate a strawberry ice cream.
My friend Jay was pushing me on the swings.

Activity 2: How did you feel?

Following on from activity 1, write a list of words that described how you felt on that day.

For example: Happy, excited, calm.

Try and write at least three words.

Activity 3: Challenge time!

Now you’re ready to take on the 24/7 challenge!

You’re going to use the ideas you came up with in Activity 1 and 2 to create your own brilliant short story!

For example:
One day, the sun was shining.
I ate a strawberry ice cream. My friend pushed with me on the swings and I felt happy.


  • Your story should only be 24 words long.

  • It should start with the words ‘One day’.

  • It should be written in 7 minutes. Set yourself a timer!

Top tip!

The most important thing is to have fun! This is about trying something new and enjoying writing creatively. Don’t worry if you make mistakes, just have a go!

Great work!

Well done for having a go at the 24/7 National Writing Day writing challenge!

If you like, why not share your work on National Writing Day using the hashtags #247challenge and #NationalWritingDay.

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