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“But everyone else is doing it!” How many times have you thought or uttered those words?

If you have a really close-knit group of friends, it’s totally natural to want to do things together. When it comes to life paths, though, what’s best for you often isn’t what's best for your friends, and vice versa. From being stuck at home while everyone went to uni, to having to leave for work at dawn when pals were just coming home from an epic night out, our coaches have been through it all – and have lived to tell the tale!

Our young coaches talk about the Fear of Missing Out.

How do I beat FOMO?

  • The first step to overcoming FOMO is not feeding it. And you know what FOMO feeds on? You’ve guessed it – social media! Perhaps a digital detox could do you good.
  • Remember there are two sides to every story. OK, your friends are travelling around Thailand while you’re in an office in Milton Keynes – but you’re building your CV, learning new skills and earning money. Every experience enriches you in some way.
  • Have you ever heard of JOMO – the Joy of Missing Out? JOMO means forgetting about what everyone else is doing to focus on your own time and needs. If people are having such a great time, why are they spending so much time posting pictures on the internet?! Try to get on with your life!
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